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Make your shop a destination for conscientious consumers who want to buy fresh, locally made oat milk. Bricco Blends was designed by a coffee shop owner in Austin, TX to solve real problems for her peers in the industry.

Make it at scale

Even though rolled oats are inexpensive, pureeing and straining enough oats to supply a coffee shop is way too cost prohibitive from a labor standpoint. Bricco Blends allows baristas to skip all the hard parts! Shops can make gallons of oat milk in just minutes with an immersion blender and 5 gallon bucket. It's easier than making cold brew.

Go trashless

The average coffee shop in Austin, TX throws 6,340 conventional tetrapak cartons in landfills every year! Bricco Blends uses 80% less packaging, and it's almost entirely compostable. Just remove the tin tie and compost your bag of Bricco Blends with your coffee grounds. Bricco Blends also reduces shipping by taking up 1/6 the physical space.

Generate new revenue

Bricco Blends is just an ingredient; whatever you make with it is yours to sell in your shop, at farmers markets, or wherever you do business. Customers trust barista expertise when it comes to specialty coffee, but what about the milk that paired with it? Bricco Blends can be customized, pasteurized, bottled, and even private labeled. Position your coffee shop as the destination for small batch oat milk in your town.

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Bricco Blends is ramping up production in Spring 2022. We'll follow up with you as soon as we can take on more clients.

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